Işık Printing House, which was founded in 1977 by our father Rıfkı VAROL, who we reminisce in God’s mercy, and has given service with letterpress system of those days, has continued production with the same system until 1991. Our company that has met offset technology in 1991 as a start of investment projects, has continued its development activities by buying the building that our factory is now operating in around the same period.

Our company that has accelerated its production with 3 offset printing machines that it added to its constitution in 1997, around the same period, has brought Machintosh technology to its graphic design department. In 2004, offset production department of our company has been moved to our factory.

During 2006-2007 period, our company which has made attempts and investments in package sector and box manifacuring, has expanded its service capacity and customer portfolio directly proportional by adding 50 x 70 cm printing machines, over wrapping machines and heidelberg cutting and folding machines to its constitution. Around the same time, our company that has made necessary investments in digital print solutions, which is a requirement of today’s technology, has brought Xerox and Konica Minolta Technologies to its constitution.

From the day we were established until today, our company that works with “speed-quality-service” policy, will continue to offer you services without making concessions on quality and with delivery on time and honesty principles.

Products to our customers;
- The quality level of the best,
- At the time,
- The most appropriate price, which is to continuously deliver high customer satisfaction.

Always change the company principles of quality, service, timely delivery and competitive prices has been.
Success and sustainability of production LIGHT PRINTING working principle of honesty and quality assurance services, services, is pleased to share with you.

To keep the highest level of customer satisfaction;
- By following is one of our tasks to be competitive in the technological improvements.
- Our employees are the biggest strength.
- We also continuously train and develop them in a healthy, clean and tidy work environment provide the most basic of our duties.